"When you grow up in a family that moves every few years, you learn to be flexible. My father worked for one of the major corporations in the US, so we never got to go to the same school more than a couple of years at a time. And although he had a good pension plan when he retired, my mother wasnít well looked after when he passed away. I guess thatís why Iím so concerned about my estate and financial flexibility even though Iím only 51. My situationís complicated by the fact that our home is in Canada, we have two vacation properties in the States and Iím a US citizen. The investment business has always given us a comfortable income, but itís the safety of our familyís assets that Iíve become increasingly concerned about lately. Thereís so much shareholder activism and litigation these days, often over issues you could never see coming. As the CEO of this firm, I feel like a sitting duck. I want to put money aside for my family in a way that virtually firewalls what Iíve accumulated so far."

      "Over the years Iíve had excellent advisors who handled the business and also worked on my personal finances. We contacted The Wealth Advisory because we needed a group that could straddle issues in both Canada and the States. They understood the rationale for our existing plan right away and arranged to have their US tax lawyer join us by phone for every meeting. We looked at investing offshore, but Iím a pretty simple guy, and after exploring what it would take, I felt it just wasnít for me. What we did do was move the future growth in my business off to the kids and solve the US tax problems relating to my company shares and our vacation properties. We repositioned some assets and redrafted our Wills but we managed to keep our options open in case we want to move back to the US after I retire. Now that itís all set up, Iím resting much easier knowing that if someone attacks me, Iíve protected my family. I call it my asbestos suit plan."

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