Good stories are about more than happy endings. They have challenging beginnings, interesting characters and captivate us with life’s twists and turns. The best ones move us to an entirely new place. Their authors will tell you it wasn’t by accident.

      When I was learning the business as a second-generation life insurance agent, I was intrigued to discover that during the 1940s and 1950s, my Dad had often taken a young tax lawyer out with him on appointments when he visited Montreal. Together they forged a lasting friendship and helped a generation of successful Canadians solve challenging estate problems.

      Today’s generation is dealing with more daunting obstacles. Faced with the speed of change in our world, protecting our assets and arranging our personal financial affairs has become much more complicated. Many people are looking out for the interests of two and sometimes three generations, adding to the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. We forged The Wealth Advisory to bring the seasoned advice of a group of professionals from different disciplines to bear on these complex problems. While this strategic advisory group is decidedly more progressive in its direction and capability than my father’s partnership, it’s comforting to know its core values are as sound now as they were 50 years ago.

      Reading these stories may have started you thinking about your own life story. Perhaps you’re stuck in the middle of a difficult chapter or are just starting to contemplate where you’d like it to go. Rest assured that others have found themselves standing on the same threshold. As you reflect on your hopes, dreams and the road ahead, consider that together we can craft a new chapter to secure your aspirations.

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