"If anyone ever tries to discuss business with me on the golf course, I want to wring his neck. Iím not as fanatical as some guys I know, but the course is a special place where I really do like to think only about the game. And you need to concentrate a lot if you play like I do. So why was I standing on the seventh tee on a beautiful fall morning with the terms of my Will turning over and over in my mind? It had been four years since my divorce and I was now very happily married again and starting a new family. You go through something as brutal as a divorce and the bottom drops out of your life for a while. You want to keep it way behind you. The only time you allow it back on the table is when some detail or part of the plan still has to be fixed. Thatís what was bugging me that morning and I didnít like it one bit. You can guess how well I played that day."

      "I realized I didnít have a clue how to provide for my new family with the settlement I already had in place. So, I got in touch with a member of The Wealth Advisory who had helped one of the other guys I was playing with that day. He had a relatively simple solution to accomplish the estate equalization I was trying to achieve. During our meeting, he also suggested a way to cover the amount of money I have in the market at any given time. That was a risk in terms of my estate that I hadnít fully considered. Going offshore with some of my investments was an issue I had been wrestling with for some time, so he introduced me to a tax partner with one of the major CA firms who was located in Barbados. Our discussion helped me make up my mind for once and for all about that idea. And thatís just one more thing that wonít be getting in the way of me breaking 80 next year."

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